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2018 Voter Guide

State Board of Education District 5

Patricia Timm

Patricia Timm (Unknown party)

A note about the candidate:

Refused to respond. Information about Patricia Timm's positions have been gathered by research and sources are provided.

Patricia Timm:


When asked if Nebraska should adopt the nation Common Core standards she responded, "No, Nebraska chose to develop college and career-ready standards in English language arts, math, and science. These standards were written by Nebraska educators across the state."

Patricia Timm:

"A state board of education resolution declaring the guidance as federal overreach [the guidance being Obama administration's Title IX guidelines in 2016, school must allow transgender students to use bathrooms that fit their gender identity to receive federal funding] and encouraging local districts to decide whether to follow it failed on a tie vote, as did a motion to delay the vote for further review. Timm voted against the resolution and for delaying it for further review."

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