Nebraska Family Alliance

2018 Voter Guide

State Board of Education District 5

Maris Bentley

Maris Bentley (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

As a mother of 4, grandmother of 10, and retired teacher/school counselor, I have dedicated my life to the well-being of young people. I have become increasingly concerned about what is happening in our public schools - from declining test scores and educational achievement, to lack of character and moral formation, to the influx of radical ideologies, our schools and our students are struggling. I believe in the importance of the family as the foundation of civilization, and the key factor in student learning and success. Our governmental bodies, including the public schools, often pay lip service to the importance of the family, while at times also undermining parental values and authority. Example: comprehensive sex education, which is being taught at more and more schools. Sex education is the right and responsibility of the parents; the content, which normalizes and promotes all types of sexual behavior, damages the innocence and modesty of children, and weakens the family. It is pornography masquerading as education. I do not claim that I can change this trajectory that we seem to be on, but I can pledge to be a voice for the family, for parental rights and Judeo-Christian values.

Maris Bentley:

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