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2018 Voter Guide

Congress District 3 Republican Primary

Kirk  Penner

Kirk Penner (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

The era of career politicians needs to end and the corruption in Washington D.C. needs to be exposed and stopped. If the main goal is to be re-elected and raise money, then your constituents become secondary. I am a career husband, career father, and a career business owner. We have taken a small business from nothing to having products in 49 states, every province in Canada, South Korea, and Mexico. This election is about us, my family and the families of the 3rd District. I personally understand the daily grind of everyday life. Our health insurance costs have skyrocketed, regulations have become numerous, and our purchasing power has decreased. The national debt just crossed $21 trillion. I have a detailed plan to bring economic growth to the 3rd District. We spend $239,000 to educate a child from K-12 and few return home. We are losing our children and when we lose our children we will lose the 3rd District. We need to advocate and promote the 3rd District and give our children the economic opportunity to come home.

Kirk Penner:

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