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2018 Voter Guide

State Legislature District 40

Keith Kube

Keith Kube (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

Having worked my entire career solving problems, I have found this skillset to be extremely lacking in government. Government bureaucracies have a tendency to never solve any problems but always address the symptom because if they solved any problem they would be out of a job and they would lose their funding. During my career, I have helped over 1000 clients address financial and fiscal problems. These issues are no different than the financial aid and fiscal problems of government. My top priority will be to address the property tax problem in the state. "The property tax system is fundamentally unfair and persecutes the largest industry in the state, the farmers, and ranchers." With career experience in taxes and finance, working with both rural and urban communities, I am convinced this solution requires a strong business background to expose, address, and fix the unfairness in property tax law. My approach to business or government and its management is based on always perfecting the question or problem with the solution never violating the core values Truth, Fairness, Sustainability, and Integrity.

Keith Kube:

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