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U.S. Senate Republican Primary

Jack Heidel

Jack Heidel (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

I am running in the May 15 Republican Primary for U.S. Senate because the incumbent, Deb Fischer, is ignoring our enormous and out-of-control national debt. In fact, she has recently voted twice to make it worse than it already is. She voted for the new tax law which, in spite of several good individual features, increases our debt by $1 trillion over the next decade. The annual deficit for 2017 was $660 billion. This year it will be close to $800 billion and next year likely more than $1 trillion. The only way we can fix the debt is by greatly shrinking annual deficits, and this is not happening. In fact, things are going in exactly the wrong direction. The Republican Pary is now in complete control of the national government and needs to be held responsible for this outrageous fiscal irresponsibility. Last fall there were 52 Republican Senators and so just three of them could have insisted on a revenue-neutral tax bill. But this did not happen. I hold the incumbent, Deb Fischer, responsible for this and that is why I am challenging her in the Republican Primary.

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