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2018 Voter Guide

State Legislature District 20 Primary

Chris Anne Dienstbier

Chris Anne Dienstbier (Democrat)

A note about the candidate:

Refused to respond. Information about Ms. Dienstbier's positions have been gathered by research and sources are provided. "I am running as a Progressive Democrat. My focus will be universal healthcare, free childcare for lower income families, equality for our minority and LGBTQIA communities, stopping the attacks on women's health services, raising the minimum wage to reflect inflation, making college tuition free and stopping the predatory behavior of student loan collections, combating climate change to save our Earth, ending the separation of families due to the current immigration policies, and strengthening our Social Security." (

Chris Anne Dienstbier

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Chris Anne Dienstbier:


Ms. Dienstbier has supported Medicare for all and expresses concern about healthcare costs for low income families:

Chris Anne Dienstbier:

Refused to respond

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