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Bob Krist

Bob Krist (Democrat)

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Refused to Respond. Information about Mr. Krist's positions have been gathered by research and sources are provided.

Bob Krist:

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Bob Krist:

As a state senator, Krist voted in favor of the 20-week abortion ban in 2010, voted against the pro-life "Choose Life" license plate in 2017, and was the only senator to vote No on LB1040 in 2018 to create state-issued commemorative birth certificates for miscarriages.

Bob Krist:

Refused to respond

Bob Krist:


Voted Yes on LB622 (Medical Cannabis Act) in Committee in 2017; Voted Yes on LR293CA in Committee in 2018 (Constitutional Amendment to legalize medical marijuana)

Bob Krist:


Voted to Indefinitely Postpone LR1CA (constitutional amendment requring voter ID) in 2017; voted No on Cloture in 2018.

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