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2018 Voter Guide

State Legislature District 16

Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

One of the greatest concerns that I have heard time and time again recently is that there is no conservative voice for our community that has decided to run for District 16 in the State Legislature. I want to be that voice, and a good steward of conservative values and principles, for our district. As a constitutional conservative I believe in limited government and lower taxes, personal responsibility and that Nebraskans are better able to make decisions about how to spend their money. I believe Life begins at conception and I am proudly ProLife. I also believe in the 2nd Amendment and our fundamental right under the Constitution to own a gun – it’s a way of life for many Nebraskans especially in our rural communities. I also have a strong interest in the legislative process and have always been willing to be a servant of my community and ready to rise to the occasion where I can have the opportunity to make my community better for not just my family but for future generations to come. I love Nebraska, and I am humbled by the opportunity to play a greater role in its growth.

Ben Hansen

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